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Ianto: ( Ianto wants to know if she can hide with his cats)
Red: (Sure XD)
Ianto: Thanks
Red: Don' mention it. Could use the help.
Ianto: Help? *curious*
Red: Ya know, with the cats. You can get yer hands dirty. Ain't like yer pregnant or somethin'.
*Oblivious Red is oblivious*
Ianto: Erm....*wibbles*
Red: *blinks* Whatsamatter? Got somethin' in yer eyes? You allergic ta cats?
Ianto: No not allergic. i love cats...*sniffles softly* i...iampregnant.
Red: *O.o* Yer... *sputters* How'd ya... *duh, Red. He growls a bit, his mind IMMEDIATELY assuming the worst of Jack* So help if the Cap was foolin' around on Liz I'm gonna...*angry tail twitching*
Ianto: It’s not Jack’s.
Red: *relieved exhale, happy chuckling* Good. Excellent. *DOH! But she's upset about it, clearly* Who's is it?
Ianto: *unhappy, uncomfortable look* Nathan's
Red: *O.o again*
Ianto: Yeah....
Red: *Still with the O.o because Amy is gonna FLIP OUT*
Ianto:Ianto sniffles
Red: Red knows it's time to man up, but he's shit with this emotional crap. He pats her shoulder gently. "It's OK." Yeah, that's the best he's got.
Ianto:"Amy is going to kill me..."
Red: Red shake his head too vehemently. "Nah she ain't. She's on probation 'r somethin'. She kills anybody she'd gonna go up the river." That's comforting, right?
Ianto:Ianto sniffles again, smiling slightly. "any one tell you you are rubbish with comforting" still she hugs him as well as she could. "thank you red."
Red: "All the time." He smiles wider than he should given how upset she is. "It is gonna be OK, though. World ain't gonna end 'cause of a baby."
Ianto:"Yes but nathan is...was... married"
Red: Red growls again. He is well aware of that marriage. He's of the opinion Amy married Nathan at least partially to spite the fact Red didn't want to get serious with her as quickly as Amy wanted. He could be wrong, but like hell he's gonna ask either of them. "Shit happens."
Ianto:"I feel responsible for their parting Red..."
Red: That makes him laugh, harder than he should. "That's like sayin' an extra drop a water's why ship sank, sweetheart."
Ianto:She drooped.
Red: Well, crap. Hellboys not much a hugger, but this is a special situation.
Ianto:Ianto hugs him back. even if she hadn't been in control at the time she still became the other woman
Red: "You're gonna get through it, kid. People like us don't let stuff like this bring us down."
Ianto:She nodded slightly, alright with being called kid by the hellion who was most definitely older. "You realize that you will be Uncle Red to the baby right?"
Red: "I'm used ta it by now." Red's gonna grab a shift in mood and hold on tight. "Still wanna help with the cats?"
Ianto:"Of course." she nodded. "I like cats."
Red: "Good. Ya can hang out here long as you want to.'
Ianto:"Thank you Red. really."
Red: "Don' mention it." Really, don't. He's not good with this kind of thing.
Ianto:She smiled and patted his shoulder. "i cant drink but that does mean i cant offer."
Red: "I'm good, but thanks."
Red: "Ya need anything else?"
Ianto:Ianto shook her head slightly. "I'm good."
Red: "You can stay in here long as ya want, you know that don't ya?"
Ianto:She looked a little surprised. "You sure?"
Red: "Big room. Lotsa places ta hide....if ya want." He understands not wanting to be found when you don't want to.
Ianto:She nodded slightly.
Red: "Good. Got lotsa movies and albums, keep ya entertained."
Ianto:She smiled warmly and nodded. "Popcorn?"
Red: "Lotsa butter. The real stuff, not that oil crap."
Ianto:"Man after my own heart you are!" she beams.
Red: "Don't say that too loud. Faith'll get jealous."
Ianto:Ianto saluted. "Yes sir."
Red: "So, what's your favorite kinda flick?"
Ianto:"Some spy stuff. oh this is horrible for me to admit but i love a good fantasy movie."
Red: "Got Labyrinth, if yer into Bowie."
Ianto:"I haven't seen labyrinth in ages."
Red: "I'll get the popcorn."
Ianto:"I will grab some soda."
Red: "Pick a TV."
Ianto:She pointed to one.
Red: "It's in black and white..."
Red: "Good answer"
Ianto:Ianto chuckled


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