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As many of you have probably noticed, my fuse is getting a wee bit short, my brain more than a little fried, and my ability to tag properly is suffering greatly for it.

So, I'm laying down the law for myself. 

I am on break until October 6th.

This applies to ALL muses AND the Blast Rooms. Poke me in private if you need me.


Sep. 20th, 2011 04:48 am
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I'll be on break for a bit. I've learned before that RPing when I'm in the sort of mood I am RN is never good, so I'm stepping back before something bad happens either IC or OOC.

Usual OOC contacts, if needed to move a plot along with handwaving. I'll do my best to get back in the swing as soon as I can.

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Was supposed to have the next couple days off. ...and, I won't.

Next day off will be July 14th if all goes as planned.

Tags will continue to lag until I have time to hit them properly, I refuse to half ass them. Sorry in advance.


Jun. 7th, 2011 02:52 pm
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Due to a situation beyond my immediate control, I'll be unable to RP regularly on LJ or twitter for the next several weeks.

I understand Liz, Red, Trevor and the others are all involved in some pretty heavy plots, and so I give anyone who needs to permission to play around them/skip me in replies as needed. I don't expect anyone to stop playing just because I can't play.

Additionally, any threads that could be drawn to a close/handwaved would be appreciated. My most current State of the Muses update is here.

Thanks for understanding, and for your patience. I'll post again when I'll be fully back in the swing of things.
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Just tossing it out there that I know I have tags that are DAYS old. I've not forgotten or lost them, I'm just having a really bad block on everyone but [livejournal.com profile] lizfirestarter due to Real Life stresses.

Notifs are starred and parked, I will get to them as soon as I'm able to reply with better than crap. Promise.

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→ Post with your character.
→ Red replies with the intent to propose marriage (if you'd like to do the proposing, say so in the subject line of your comment :D).
→ Say yes, say no. Be sappy or ridiculous. Just go with it!
→ Have fun!
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Not really happening until later this week unless I find myself with a chunk of free time I can get the computer going. I mean no offense, it's just a bitch long tagging from a phone and I only have so much time in the morning to hit from my computer.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] lizfirestarter is taking priority to other muses since I have to use the browser on my phone to tag and it's a bitch to log out an in again.

'Old' tags are parked, not forgotten, I promise. Will get to the outstanding ones as soon as I can.


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