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As most of you know, I do not mind a bit of crack and crossover. Hell, I LOVE it. That said, I'd like to make a few, I think, very simple requests if you want to play with Liz or Red outside their current respective canons or Liz's Heroes Canon.

  • COMMUNICATION: If you want Liz or Red to verse hop for a plot, I'm fine with it. My biggest request is communication. Chances are very high I do not understand your verse, and chances are equally high that you do not understand my canon breaks until I explain. So before we play, we plot. DM me on twitter or send me a message on LJ. In some cases, I'll even give you my e-mail address once I trust you.

  • CRACK: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! But these plots will NEVER be part of Liz or Reds Canon.

  • GODMODING: DO NOT put Liz or Red into no choice situations. Shoot them, punch them, beat the hell out of them, insult them, but always give them a choice. If you break this rule, I probably will not play with you anymore. Ever.

  • SCHEDULES: I work and I own a business. I like to see my husband once and a while. I love my RP as much as the next girl, but I will not blow off other things IRL. If you expect me to be at your beck and call for a cross over or crack plot, you've got the wrong girl.

  • FUN:This is FUN, damn it! If I get annoyed frustrated or bothered, it's probably because I am no having fun anymore. That usually happens one one of the aforementioned guidelines for my characters are not respected. I'm one of the the most easy going players in the world, I am told. I like to think thats true. If its not fun for all parties involved, it's not fun for anyone, and that's the whole point of this.


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